Friday, October 4, 2013

Review: World War Z (2013)

Better than expected. A lot of CGI, and in one scene, it's horribly obvious they're intentionally not showing a dead zombie's head wound, but still, there's plenty of tension, Brad Pitt makes a good lead, they've got some nice big set pieces like the bit in Israel, and (tiny spoiler) you get a batshit crazy scene on a plane, which I loved. Plus, I've never seen hordes of zombies like this so even if the CGI was unconvincing at times, I appreciate something new. I haven't read the book, and I understand the movie doesn't really follow it at all so I'm just looking at this as its own separate thing. Of course, I would've liked some more blood (of the corn-syrup kind, not computer generated), but I knew going in there wouldn't be much since they were aiming for a wider audience. I did see the unrated version, which I guess added a little more, but it was still pretty minimal. I wish we could see the original ending since that sounds interesting, but I liked what they did instead. It really was pretty good. It's nuts how The Walking Dead can get away with so much on TV where anyone can watch it yet a film like this can't show a head wound.

She wasn't in World War Z. What a shame.


  1. I really enjoyed WWZ, but of course, I'm a huge fan of zombie movies so no surprise there.

    I'm watching TWD too.

    1. It wasn't bad at all. I like zombie movies too although there are tons of bad ones, but I've seen quite a few good ones as well. My favorite is probably Romero's Day of the Dead because of Bub.

      But yeah, I really like The Walking Dead. The CG blood sucks (and the first episode of this new season had some weak CG effects), but it's still a great show.