Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: The Purge (2013)

The concept is unique and pretty interesting even if it leaves you wondering why the rich couldn't just take a vacation to another country during the annual purge, but still, I'll admit I was entertained. There's plenty of dumb stuff like the daughter always going off by herself, not warning someone of immediate danger, not cutting someone loose who could help, etc. You also get a pointless stupid bit of cg blood. I do like Ethan Hawke though, and there is a fun action scene with him. Something ridiculous this film does over and over again is right when someone is about to be killed, there is a dramatic pause then a hero shoots the killer so the victim is saved. It happens like a million freakin times. It's actually hilarious. But I did like the main bad guy, a young spoiled Ivy League psycho. They don't flesh out his character at all, but he's pretty creepy and menacing. Also, I'm sure I'm just a gullible idiot, but I didn't see the end coming. I was surprised at what happened although it all feels unresolved and shallow. They also make Americans look pretty damn awful. If you're bored and got nothing better to watch, here you go.

You might remember... her... from... what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Dredd.

Adelaide Kane... I don't think she even has a character in The Purge, but she doesn't need one.


  1. Great post Dick, congratulations from:

  2. I wasn't impressed by the premise, so it's not on my "to see" list. But I thought your review was very good. :-)

  3. A mi me impresionó el hecho de aprobarse con total normalidad una "purga" de personas. Una excusa para sacar a flote lo peor de las personas: las que se creen por encima de otros, las envidiosas, las rencorosas...
    Un blog interesante el tuyo


    1. Thank you! Yeah, it really did bring out the worst in people. It's definitely an interesting idea for a movie.