Monday, August 12, 2013

Review: Dark Skies (2013)

Great atmosphere at the beginning, but it definitely loses itself in the end by showing way too much. J.K. Simmons turns in a fantastic supporting role as a guy who has spent his life running from the grays. Sadly, he's not in it much (if he was the main character, that would've been really interesting and different from what we've seen before). All the actors did a good job, but the writing makes the father seem like a jerk sometimes, and it's hard to understand why the hell he's acting like that. Plus, the whole setup reminds me a lot of Insidious, which makes sense because it's by the same producers, but it's almost like the same movie with a family dealing with aliens instead of ghosts. There are some good scary moments though, and I got sucked into it while I was watching. It's a shame it drops the ball in the third act. They use CGI, and it looks like shit. I hated the last shot, because it just leaves things wide open for a sequel, and I'd rather they resolve the story. Overall, it was ok for an alien abduction movie. I like Fire in the Sky a lot more. If you've never seen that one, watch it instead.