Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: Malevolence (2004)

Boring slasher flick. You've seen it all before and done a million times better. Just rewatch Halloween or a Friday the 13th film. I didn't care about any of the characters. Not one. Didn't like the killer. He doesn't have a cool mask or costume. No amazing new weapons. Nothing to make him memorable. He's probably the most boring part. Every cliche is present and accounted for. Psycho standing in the background but no one notices? Yep. Picking off idiots one by one? Yep. Slow moving murderer who always gets back up? Yep. Is it scary? No. Is it exciting? No. Is it even remotely good? No. The beginning is a little different, but then it grinds to a halt, and you see a cruddy remake of Carpenter's classic without the talents of Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, etc. It was painful to sit through. Avoid. The fact this has a 5.0 rating on IMDb is ridiculous. Don't be fooled by it.


  1. Man - THANK YOU for not liking this as much as I did! One of the last movies I rented from Blockbuster - the DVD cover was swimming in these ecstatic reviews from notable sources (I think it was, anyway). Convinced me to rent. MEH. Same reaction as you. And now people talk about it online and in blogs as this classic. It's CRAP. Boring Crap - the worst kind.

    1. Yeah, I hated it. It's really quite awful. I'm sure the sequel, Bereavement, is better since it has Michael Biehn at least, but the first film is atrocious. It is a no budget indie by a first-time writer/director, but he should've tried to do something new instead of just poorly imitating the classics. The beginning isn't bad, but then it becomes the same thing you've seen a million times, and like you said, it's boring. Insanely freakin claw-your-eyes-out boring.